Daphne Elementary School

2307 Main Street

Before the days of organized education, children were educated at home by a governess, or at church, or at a one-room schoolhouse which was usually maintained by the parents of several families. In 1859, the first public school was built in Montrose. Between 1867 and 1873, elementary grades were taught at the Hollywood Hotel. 47 In the 1890ís, a one-room schoolhouse

was built on Randall Avenue on land donated by Mr. W.D. Randall. Between 1907 and 1940, the Model School at the Daphne Normal School Annex 35 taught elementary grades. This Model School formed the nidus that would grow into the Daphne Elementary School and consolidate many outlying one-room schoolhouses by 1939. During the years of Segregation, this was the school for white children.7