Manci’s Antique Club and Trione’s Store, c1900

1715 Main Street

This complex of businesses on the west side of Main Street was built in early 1900 by Frank Manci and Angelo (“Angie”) Trione and subsequently managed by their children and grandchildren. The north side of this building is Manci’s Antique Club which was originally a gasoline station. Today, this bar and grill displays many interesting photographs, bottles and curious artifacts assembled by Arthur Manci, an avid collector.  The middle portion of this building was Trione’s Store, which was managed primarily by Alvira Manci Trione and her son, Leonard (“Red”) Trione. This business opened in 1903. From 1930 to 1950, Trione’s Store was the central hub for this small town.  As recounted by one of Alvira’s children, Rachel Trione Fancher:  “It was the main grocery store, the Greyhound bus depot, the ice cream shop, candy store, florist, and the communications center. A bulletin board on the porch posted all announcements and inquiries including advertisements, lost-and-found items, help-wanted signs, free puppies and kittens, rabies immunization schedules, and Tax Collector and Assessor notices. The store received all mail and packages. It had the only telephone in town! Any comings or goings began and ended at “The Store”. Alvira, all five feet of her, managed Main Street as deftly as she managed her family of nine children.” “Red”, a remarkable man with the most infectious good humor and wit, maintained a warm caring ambience. Trione’s store closed in 1984. In early 1900, the south portion of this building was the Daphne State Bank. This bank closed during the Great Depression (as so many did) and was never reopened.  (Fortunately, Daphne State Bank customers did not lose their money.)   Later (around 1950) this south portion of the building became the Daphne Post Office.